How To Do Anti-Aging Facial massage

Anti-Aging Facial massage

While a facial massage may seem like an indulgence that few of us would find time for in our busy daily schedules, skincare professionals believe that there are some pressure point massage and facial techniques for anti-aging that can reduce stress and give your face a more youthful appearance. It can also help boost circulation and improve skin tone and firmness. 

Anti-Aging Facial massage

Pressure Points For Anti Aging Facial

Anti-aging facial skin care experts suggest that there are some pressure points on our face that will have a soothing effect and give us younger-looking skin.

1. To Smooth Frown Lines On The Forehead

To smooth frown lines and lateral lines on the forehead, start at the bridge of the nose and apply pressure with the middle fingers. Then glide up to the edge of the inner eyebrows, press, glide over the brow to the outer edge, press, and glide over to the temples, press, and release.

2. To Lift Eyebrows 

With middle fingers together, place all three fingers of each hand under each eyebrow; press and release. Glide up to the brows, press, and release. Then do two more movements up the forehead, towards the hairline. 

3. To Relieve Puffy Eyes and Sinuses 

Using the index and middle fingers only, start at the bridge of the nose and work outwards across the upper cheek towards the temple in four movements. Then repeat across, and finally under, the cheekbone. 

4. To Boost Circulation and Brighten the Complexion 

Starting from the center of the face, massage using tiny, light, sweeping upward movements. First, start along the browline to the temples, then across the forehead to the temples, then four more down the face, first starting under the eyes, then from the sides of the nose, and finally from the chin out towards the ear.

5. To lift the neck 

Use upward sweeping movements with the fingers and palms from the clavicle bone up to the jawline.

6. To stimulate the decollete 

Use light and gentle kneading with the knuckles along the decollete area. Repeat three times. 

7. Last Step

Place a couple of chamomile tea bags that have been soaked in cold water over your eyes and massage the temples for one minute.

Exercises For Anti Aging

According to skincare professionals, laughing, talking, and shouting every hour should be considered a pretty intense daily workout. However, there are a few particular facial exercise routines that are thought to help exercise some muscle groups that may help to maintain your face’s firmness and youthful appearance for longer. If nothing else, working out your facial muscles is a great way to relax when you are feeling especially stressed. Over time, it may even help you avoid developing aging-related expression lines like pursed lips and a down-turned mouth.

Try the following exercises first thing in the morning to help you feel more awake and energized. To make the exercises as effective as possible, you need to do each movement as slowly as you can and imagine that you are working against resistance. 

  • 1. Place your elbows on a table and place both thumbs under your top lip, with the nails resting against your upper teeth and gums. In one slow movement, gently move your upper lip muscles toward your thumbs, hold for a count of five, then slowly release. Repeat 15 times. 
  • 2. Keep your mouth slightly open and smile repeatedly every second, 20 or 30 times. This will strengthen your jaw muscles and prevent the sides of your mouth from turning down.
  • 3. Say the vowels a, e, i, o, and u. As a great pick-me-up when you are feeling tired, repeat the vowels 15-20 times, saying them as slowly as you can and exaggerating each one as you say it.

How To Make Cleanser For Anti-Aging Facial

The ideal time to massage your skin is while you are cleansing. A good cleanser should simply sit on your skin, unlike moisturizers, which are absorbed, so it is easier for your fingers to glide over the skin. 

Take a blend of 3 ml of wheat germ oil with one drop of rose essential oil and a drop of aromatic facial oil to make the best cleanser.How To Do A Massage

Using your middle fingers (index, middle, and ring fingers), unless otherwise stated, each movement involves a firm but gentle “press and release” action with the fingertips on each pressure point, then gliding the fingertips along to the next point shown and pressing again. Perform on both sides of the face at the same time. Repeat each step three times, daily if possible. 

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Some Important FAQs About Anti-Aging Facial

Does facial massage work for anti-aging?

Facial massages have positive effects on how our body looks and feels, as well as firming and toning our muscles. These massages release the stress in our facial muscles, elevating and firming the skin. It is considered a natural therapeutic and anti-aging method.

Does massaging your face help with sagging skin?

The simplest and most effective treatment for sagging skin is facial massage with cream or face oil, which helps to restore its elasticity by bolstering the tissues of the face. It expedites facial skin regeneration and stimulates it as well.

What facial is best for anti-aging?

There are two facials that are best for anti-aging treatment,

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and micro-needling 

In this treatment, tiny needles are inserted into the skin during a micro-needling facial to increase collagen formation. The procedure is known as a “vampire facial” because it can be combined with PRP treatment, which uses your own blood.

What kind of facial makes you look younger?

A collagen facial is recognized as one of the best facial treatments that can help you look younger. The collagen facial includes a collagen protein to support your body’s natural collagen production.

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