How to Make Homemade Stickers | Easy Crafts

How to Make Homemade Stickers | Easy Crafts

Did you know that making homemade stickers is very easy? It is simple to turn your favorite drawings and pictures into a favorite notebook cover or onto gift packaging decorations. Stickers are super versatile and super fun to make. Remember, with this DIY, you get all your creative juices flowing. The brighter and bolder the pictures, the better the stickers!

How to Make Homemade Stickers | Easy Crafts

Make Stickers Out of Your Favorite Drawings

To make stickers, you will need

  • Paper
  • Coloring pencils or pens 
  • Clear tape 
  • Wax paper 
  • Scissors 

Instructions for Making Homemade Stickers


Using felt tips or colored pencils, draw your favorite things. Cut out the outline of the pictures you want to turn into stickers. 

Step 2

Cover a piece of wax paper with clear tape. 

Step 3

Place the picture cutout on top of the clear tape and cover it with another piece of tape. Press down to ensure that the tape adheres to the drawing. 

Step 4

Cut around the edge of the sticker, leaving a border of sticky tape around the drawing as it holds the sticker together. 

Step 5

When you are ready to use your sticker, peel away the wax paper backing. If it doesn’t come away quickly, an adult can score the back of the paper with scissors and peel off the wax paper from the tear. 

Step 6

If you need more time to be ready to use the sticker, peel off the wax paper. Take a large piece of wax paper and apply all your stickers. When you are ready to sticker any surface, it will be easier to remove it from this sheet!

Some Important FAQs about Homemade stickers

What is the cheapest way to make stickers?

The cheapest way to make stickers is to use  inkjet-printable vinyl paper. It is  affordable and durable. Vinyl stickers are great for production labels, bumper stickers, laptop stickers, water bottle stickers, promotional stickers, etc.

Is making stickers easy?

Making stickers is simple and enjoyable. Kids can make stickers easily by using materials that are available at home.

Which glue is used to make stickers?

Acrylic adhesive is the best choice for making stickers.

What is a kiss cut?

It is a laser cutting technique that cuts exactly near the stickers.

What paper makes the best stickers?

  • TownStix Printable White Sticker paper.
  • Sticker paper.
  • ZICOTO Premium Printable Vinyl.
  • Limia’s Care Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer.
  • Neato Clear Sticker paper- Vinyl Full Sheet Label.
  • Avery Printable Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printers
  • iLable 8.5” x 11” Full Sheet

What surfaces do stickers not stick to?

Stickers are not stuck on  Stucco and similarly textured surfaces. Always use smooth and even surfaces to stick to the surface.

Does hairspray remove stickers?

Hairspray works great when we use it on stickers; the hairspray removes all the sticky stuff.



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