How to do Natural Glam Makeup Step by Step

Natural Glam Makeup

Soft and natural glam makeup is for everyday routines, and it is also suitable for all skin types. It enhances the features of the face, and when it comes to makeup, apply it to look like you have a healthy natural glow.

Natural Glam Makeup

Natural Glam Makeup Step by Step

To look natural, follow all the steps to get a smooth, flawless, and natural glam makeup look.


When you wake up in the morning, you must first cleanse and hydrate your skin so that it is prepped and ready for makeup. It is so important, especially if you have dry skin, that it could affect how makeup applies to our faces, so make sure your skin is clean, exfoliated, and moisturized before you start your makeup. That hydration is already deeply set into the skin, and you are ready for any makeup and primer to go on top.

Face Mist

Face mist is suitable for all skin types. It’s something you have to deal with every day—the skin you want to use on your face. Spritz it all over very lightly. Face mist has an ingredient called Sally’s Pour Eight, which will give you an insane amount of percentage, so make sure you use it every day so your skin gets better. It is not as dry, but it is very effective, and it uses this because it gives you long-lasting hydration.

Prep and prime

The perfect natural glam makeup look starts with an adequate base—a thorough hand with prep and priming. If you do both, your foundation will blend well and look as natural as possible. It has a lightweight tacky finish that lasts all day and provides a fantastic light blurring effect. This feels so good on the skin, it’s like jelly. It moisturizes but does not leave you with an oily, greasy feeling on your skin. It gives you a lovely, natural, healthy glow to your face.

So let this dry down, and you will see that your hand sticks to the skin a little bit, and that’s because you want your foundation to stick to your skin and last all day, and it also blurs the pores and makes the skin look hydrated and ready for makeup.


Using moisturizers that reflect light makes your skin look softer, smoother, and healthier. A rare beauty product just came out with a light-tinted moisturizer with SPF 20. It just brings your skin to life. It is very light, but you can build it up and use it underneath your makeup because it gives you that beautiful light. You can even use it alone.


The Synchro Skin Radiant Lifting Foundation is oil-free. It is from Shiseido and is just one of the most beautiful foundations. It gives you a glowy, bright finish, but it also gives you coverage and smooths over very light coverage in curved areas. Use the puff to apply the foundation. It helps lock in the makeup, looks the most natural on the skin, and makes it glowy, soft, and smooth.

Smashbox Becca Corrector

It is an under-eye brightening corrector that comes in four different shades. You can use light and medium to apply it around the eye area to highlight any of that darkness or shadow on the face. It picked up the sunshine and reflected it most beautifully. It has a radiant finish that almost looks pearly, and it provides just the right amount of coverage to brighten your eye area when applied with your fingers.

Use concealer correctors to be one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, and you can apply this anywhere on the face you feel you have shadows on your face, so around the nose, around the mouth, and use it a little bit on the forehead, so it just picks up the light and makes your skin look so glowing.

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Conceal and Cover 

The job of a good concealer is to stay invisible, but the road does not end with simply opting for the right shade; show diligence when choosing your texture, too. Liquid formulas give a more natural-looking finish, whereas creams are a bit heavier. But of course, remember to choose your shade wisely, as the right color concealer can often negate the need for foundation.

Blush your Face

Blush is a beautiful part of makeup that will give your face life. The blush colors are stunning; they make you look young and vibrant. Always apply two shades of blush all over the cheeks and blend them up towards the temple, and then take a pop color like pink and use that just in the center of the cheeks to give a little pop to your skin. If you ever go too crazy on blush, you guys can take a big fluffy brush to diffuse the color out, so it looks a lot softer.


Waterproof liquid eyeliner is applied around the area to highlight the appearance of the eyes. Applying a little liner to your eyes is the easiest way to accentuate your eyes with very minimal steps. You don’t need to use a lot of eye shadow to draw attention to your eyes. Use black liner; people also use brown liners enough, especially for daytime. Sometimes black can be a little bit too harsh, so having a brown option is so nice.

If you have never done liner before, follow these steps:

  • You want to look straight into the mirror rather than looking down, and you’re going to hold the liner pen flat and drag it out in a straight line to your outer corner.
  • Depending on how dramatic you want the wing to be, you can drag it out farther or keep it shorter. It is totally up to you, but once you have that line, you will go in and fill that little v-shape on the outer corner.


Everyone should have an eyeshadow palette in their makeup kit. Once you’ve created an even canvas for your makeup, you’ll want to focus on your eyes. Stock up on the following items to define your eyes without looking like you worked too hard: Brown kajal, mascara, a good eyelash curler, and a neutral eyeshadow It is all that you need to give your eyelids an even PRO.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you will smoke out the liner. It creates a very soft, smokey look that is very easy to match to the guidelines of the liner you already created. You want to always blend outwards towards the tip of your brow to create that fox eye shape. If you have any mishaps, take a Q-tip and clean them up.


Do not skip mascara. It is an essential part of the eye. Adding a few layers of mascara to the top lashes and lower lashes to lengthen out the eyes and make them look nice and big and bright with the mascara


If you have short lashes, use lengthening formulas. It will ensure that your lashes look healthy and natural, not spidery. 

Lashes are optional, but if you are a beginner and you are new to lashes, the effortless lashes are perfect for first-time users, so you don’t need to trim them or measure them. You just put on a little glue, and they pop right onto your eye. Most of the volume is on the outer corner, so you get that beautiful almond eye shape.

My lips are better.

Keep the lips super simple instead of using a bunch of different products. If you are hoping to create the perfect pout without looking like you tried too hard, stick to colors closest to your natural lip color. You’ll find that creamy, luminous textures always look better than dry, matte ones for a natural-looking finish.

Check out lipstick with organic and natural colors.

Setting sprays

The final step after applying all your makeup is to use a setting spray. You’re probably going to be wearing this makeup to go out. You might be going out for a few hours, having a wild night, or even wearing this makeup all day. So using a setting spray will help you.


Ultimately, the best route to acing natural makeup is to work in tandem with your skincare routine. Take care of your skin, drink water, take supplements, and listen to your dermatologist. So when you put on makeup, you’ll find that you need a lesser amount on your face, which is always good news. 

This soft, natural glam makeup is stunningly light and looks luminous. It’s everyday soft glam makeup, and if you get ready to this extent, you’ll enjoy it. If you have textured skin, try this technique and these tricks out, and enjoy the looks because you know you’re stunning.

Some important FAQs about natural glam makeup

What are the different types of glam makeup?

  • Soft Glam Makeup ( This is for teens that look natural )
  • Glam Makeup (bold lips, long lashes, contour )
  • Old Hollywood Glamour ( Pastel eyeshadow, bold eyes, heavy fake lashes with light blush )

What’s the difference between soft glam and natural glam? 

Natural glam makeup is very easy, but the base of soft glam makeup includes more steps: full coverage foundation, concealer, contouring, and highlighter.

What makeup looks the most natural?

You should pick a foundation with light to medium coverage to achieve a natural makeup appearance because a strong foundation will practically hide your features. The most natural finishes are usually found in liquid form, and you may add a drop of illuminator to them to give off a dewy, new shine.

What are the makeup trends for 2023?

  • Sculpted Brows
  • Sunburnt Blush
  • Popsicle Lips
  • Glitter
  • Overlined Lips
  • Double-Winged Liner
  • Purple Blush

What do you need for natural glam makeup?

  • Use moisturizer
  • Apply an eye cream
  • Use a primer for a glowy base
  • Beauty Blender
  • Pump your preferred foundation onto the beauty blender
  • Use an eye corrector
  • Apply concealer in an upside-down triangle shape


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