How To Make Easy Pencil Shaving Arts

How to make Pencil Shaving Arts

With pencil shaving art, kids can make many arts and crafts for their enjoyment, and creativity, and develop their hobby of art. Don’t we all love coloring until the pencils become too small for us to hold, and then we throw them away? But first, there are pencil shavings. A lot of pencil shavings. So, kids can make many arts and crafts for their enjoyment.

What do we usually do with the shavings? Without thinking much, we threw them away, but what if I told you they could be used for so many more things?

This colossal pile of shavings can be recycled and used for some fun crafts instead.

How to make Pencil Shaving Arts

Activities for Pencil Shaving

Here are some of the activities you can use from pencil shaving

  1. Compost

Pencil shavings are considered great for your homemade fertilizer. They add carbon to your compost, which is extremely important since it feeds little microorganisms that help break down the organic matter.

  1. Pet rodent bedding.

Did you know pencil shavings could be great for pet bedding? If you have small rodent pets like hamsters or rats, you should know that your pets love pencil shavings, and they are a great replacement for expensive bedding.

  1. Topsoil

Who knew pencil shavings were great for gardening as well? They are not only good decorative items, but they are also an excellent replacement for topsoil, giving your garden a much-needed boost. They help it retain moisture and eliminate the growth of weeds. Pencil shaving also saves your garden from spiders and ants.

  1. Art time

If you are tired of making regular artwork using colored pencils, now you can use their scraps to make different art and push your creativity to the next level. All you will need is glue and paper. Use your shavings and stick them around, making fun shapes and art.

  1. Firestarter

If you look closely at the pencil shaving, you will realize they are small dry chips of wood, and what do we use wood for on a chilly night? for starting a fire. Shavings are perfect fire starters. All you need is a cardboard box with an empty egg carton. Put a candle stub in each egg cup and pack it with pencil shavings, then light it up and start a fire.

Don’t forget to get the help of an elder around you.

  1. Moths repel

Have you ever found clothes you kept away for a season with moth bites in them? Here is what you can do to save the next season’s clothes. You add some pencil shavings to the bag and all the moths will be gone.                                 

Fun and Easy Pencil-Shaving Art and Crafts For Kids

If you are searching for some entertaining and simple craft ideas for your kids, finding time to just let your kids be creative and have some fun might be challenging with a packed curriculum. even without considering and gathering the tools required to spark the imagination.

Promoting creativity doesn’t have to be a challenging task. In reality, the only materials needed for this easy pencil shaving art and crafts project are pencils and paper.

Needed Stuff for Making Art and Crafts From Pencil Shaving

  • Pencil shaves
  • Glue 
  • Paper
  • Marker

Make Flowers With Pencil Shavings.

Get a circle of pencil shavings and paste it on a piece of paper. Then, with a marker, draw a stem and make leaves on it. Make eyes and a smile on the flower’s face (the area between the pencil shaving circle) if desired.

Make a dressed doll with pencil shavings

Kids get a marker and start making the face of the doll (you can make the face to your desire). Then get three pencil shavings, the first one big, the second one medium, and the third one small. Then paste these pencil shavings in this order to make a dress: big, small, medium. And then make arms, hands, legs, and feet with the same marker. And now your dressed doll is ready.

Make a Peacock With Pencil Shavings 

Get a marker and draw a peacock’s head, neck, and body (without the tail ). Then get pencil shavings in this sequence: x-large, large, medium, small, and very small. And then paste these in this sequence: x-large, large, medium, small, and very small. And now you’ve finished your peacock!

Make a Lion With Pencil Shavings

First of all, make a big circle of pencil shavings. Then make a lion without its hair. And then when you have made the lion, paste the pencil shavings on the lion’s head for its hair. Now you have made your lion.

Make a Pineapple With Pencil Shavings

This is the easiest one. You just have to draw the leaves of the pineapple, make a boundary around the pineapple, and fit the boundary with yellow pencil shavings. And now you have made your own pineapple!

These are the basic methods for making arts and crafts with pencil shavings. There are many more, but these are very easy. So now kids can have fun with these types of arts and crafts.



What is the term for pencil waste?
The phrase “shavings” (sometimes known as “pencil shavings”) is a simple one that describes the subject at hand. Watch the sharpener’s shavings as they emerge. There is no sawdust, no crumbs, and no broken leads when the shavings fall off the pencil in an intact curl.



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